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Visionary Artist • Graphic Artist • Illustrator • Art Director •

Art Consultant for Home & Business • Decorative Art • Author

Artist Services

Graphic Design • Logos

• Book Covers, Jackets and CD Covers—illustrating your message, story, and higher purpose.

• Illustrator • Art Director

• Illustrations and Paintings • Murals • Portraits

• Realism, Symbolic, and Visionary Light Art

• Sibli creates and channels, various graphic artistic projects to support your business such as logos, business cards, posters, book covers, CD covers, artistic images and graphics to enhance your “work of service and messages” with positive uplifting energies.

• She creates and channels “Activation Ascension Light Art” for your living spaces and business to support your life of service and goals, raising the frequencies on the Planet for all Beings (murals, posters, artistic prints on various support—uplifting your living spaces).

• Her store online offers beautiful decorative items with Healing Light Art, for your living spaces that are also practical and useful, uplifting and purifying your space, contributing to your well-being and joy!

• Sibli channels your Personal “Empowering” Painting of Light: Within a beautiful sacred space, Sibli connects from her Heart with your Heart-Soul calling, in honoring and love. An awareness of your Soul’s Divine purpose is revealed to her Higher Self. She then artistically expresses these visions. It is an Activation-Ascension painting that is personal to your mission on the Planet—an energetic loving support of boundless Light. In the process, within a sacred space, we proceed with an “energetic field clearing” to open the space for you to be free to express your work of service through this new Portal of Light from the Highest Dimensions, this artistic image—in all the Love That Is.