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• Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine, certified by The Four Winds, founder Alberto Villoldo •

Clearings, extractions, soul retrievals, Healing Light infusing—Become whole again, discover the power of your inner Light.

Free your bodies, minds, and hearts, clear your path, discover your highest Path of Destiny with ease and joy! Embody your Higher Light!

Clear your energy field, heal your bodies, minds, and Hearts, liberate your Light, raise your Frequencies, embody your Angelic Self.

You may invite me at events to Channel & guide Healing Chambers of Light” in small groups or large groups • Liberate the boundless flow of Love within your Heart • Within these Chambers people experience deep healings on all levels.

Angelic Channel • Multidimensional Healing • Spiritual Counselor

Past Life Healing • Spiritual Teacher • Inspirational Speaker • Author • Artist

Animal Communicator • Animal Energy Healing

Sibli is a channel of service to all of Life, working in communion with the Angels and Masters of the Light, the Luminous Beings. From within a sacred space, she is a conduit to assist mankind and all beings. She offers energy healing sessions and teaches in person or online—one on one, couples, and groups.

The Healing Session: Sibli creates a sacred space by inviting the Love and Light of Father Mother God/Source, a boundless sacred flow of Light emanating from all Life. There is an opening of the One Sacred Heart to experience the Divine Love of God/Source, the Love of the Divine Angelic Guides and Master Guides. The session takes place in communion with the Heart of Mother Earth and Father Sun, you are held in the Love Light of the Angels of all Six Sacred Directions and in the Heart, the Seven Direction—in the Heart of God, in the Garden of Eden.

Sibli proceeds with a prayer to activate a Chamber of Healing Light, inviting in, God’s Love and Light with the Archangels, Angels of Light and Ascendant Masters and Luminous Star Beings from the Highest Dimensions of Light, clearing all place and spaces. Delving in that Divine Light, Sibli clears her client energy field first so that the healing Light is able to move through all bodies during the whole session. In this sacred space, the client is releasing energies which do not belong to him or her—infused with unconditional love to awaken and experience the God Self. Sibli witnesses everything in her third eye as she proceeds with energetic psychic surgeries on all bodies until the energy field is completely whole and infused with a bright Luminous Light. Sibli channels healing messages, prayers, and energies in a nurturing safe space until she sees the bright Light of Source moving through her client and infusing his or her space. It is an experience of Love and harmony leading to a new path of Light. From the One Sacred Heart we dream the dreams God has for us, co-creating in the Oneness, in all the Love and Beauty of Creation.








I channel, practice, and teach a Healing Modality named by the Angels “Synergism into Love, Angelic Light Codes”. It is a gentle multidimensional healing process guiding you to heal traumas and pain by releasing painful emotions within the physical body, mental-emotional body, spiritual body, transforming pain into beneficial energies and programs. I witness everything in my third eye as I proceed with energetic psychic surgeries of your bodies until I see you completely whole and infused with a bright luminous Light.

In the healing sessions, and when divinely guided”, we explore past lives for healing and reprograming to release traumas and painful issues.

Hands on healing: With the highest divine guidance team of healers, in the Love, Light, and Heart of Source/God, I invite the holy healing Light, to heal all bodies: Hands on healing, Energetic Extractions, and energetic healing surgery.

“As an Angelic Channel I feel blessed, to gently guide people to embody their Higher Self which is their Angelic Self or God Self to find happiness and purpose.”

ANIMAL ENERGY HEALING – ANINAL COMMUNICATOR: Channeled healing energy work and heart to heart communion.

Workshops, Classes, and Healing Sessions—Additional Important Descriptions—Services

“In higher dimensions, Sibli discovered her angelic self, immersed in divine light and unity consciousness, guided by celestial beings. Inspired by these encounters, she shares the transformative power of Light to serve all of life. As an artist, author, and angelic channel healer, her creations embody peace, harmony, and reverence for all, expressing the sanctity of life.”

Sibli is a channel of service to all of Life, working in communion with the Angels and Masters of the Light, the Luminous Beings. From within a sacred space, she is a conduit to assist mankind and all beings. She offers energy healing sessions and workshops in person or online—one on one, couples, and groups.

The Portal of Healing Light Sibli has been blessed to channel, is powerful and people experience profound healings on different levels during her healing sessions and workshops. Within a powerful sacred space, during the workshops, Sibli explains the healing process at length, so everyone is deeply guided to focus within their Hearts, basking within a healing chamber of Light.

The classes, teachings, meditations, and healings support our awakening and our ability to embody our infinite Self, our higher Light, healing and balancing the ego, clearing and upgrading the energy field, activating healing in all bodies on all levels. During the process there is a liberation of our higher Light, inviting us to co-create a world of harmony and peace.

1• Sibli teaches people how to create a safe Sacred Space and why it is important to do so. Learn to live within a clear and sacred space, in communion with Father Sun and anchored within the Heart of Mother Earth. To be in communion with the Earth Being and to live with a consciousness of the Sacred, supports your work of service in love, your well-being, and balance.

Sibli opens Sacred Space in ways that are guiding her protégé/client to bask in the Light of Creation, to bask in the Light of the Divine Mother and Father, in communion with all sacred beings and Mother Earth, all the Stars, and Sacred Mountains, Angels of the Light and Archangels, Masters of the White Brotherhood-Ascended Masters, Star Beings from the Highest Dimensions of Light.

Sibli teaches how to bask within your field of Light, that is also the Light of Creation and how to embody Peace, feeling protected in the Oneness. Sibli is also certified as a “Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine” to teach and pass on the bands of power and protection and additional activations. These bands of protection are also enhancing your health, strength, and life force.

2• How to clear your Energy field: How to sustain the energetic field clear and why it is important to do so. You will learn how to recognize and release intrusive energies and entities, earthbound spirits that are blocking light within your auric field and your joy of living. You will feel lighter, more peaceful, happier, and more connected. You will move deeper within the Heart and core center of your being. You will learn to release energies, which do not serve you and do not belong to you. You will learn to connect furthermore with your God-Self and raise your frequencies.

3• Heal painful unresolved issues with your loved ones who have passed on: When you clear the energetic field, you additionally release earthbound spirits into the Light of God and often, some of them, are friends or family members. People wish to heal painful unresolved issues with their loved ones who have passed on. Within this sacred space, from the Heart with love and reverence, you are guided to heal painful unresolved issues with your loved ones who have passed on. Then in prayer, you guide them with all earthbound spirits that are in your field, into the Light of God. It is important to heal painful unresolved issues with your loved ones who have passed on, to set yourself free and to set them free. Within a sacred space, this is the moment to communicate with them from the Heart with love and reverence—assisting your loved ones to move into the Light of God with ease and grace and in peace. These are profound touching moments, and joyous moments, when these relationships are infused with the Love, Peace, and Light of God.

4• Release and heal traumas, painful issues, PTSD, and karmic issues—DNA-RNA, cellular reprogramming—past life healing—soul retrieval: Multidimensional energy healing, clearing your life path and energy field, healing soul loss and trauma, in this lifetime and past lives. Upgrade your energy field to heal on all levels. Additionally, experience deep energy healing, clearing, and empowerment in your relationships and work of service.

5• Sibli channels, practices, and teaches a Healing Modality named by the Angels “Synergism into Love”: Angelic Light Codes for Harmonization”, induces the body to express itself in truth, by locating specific beliefs causing energetic blockages within the physical body and in some aspects of your life. These blockages are linked to emotional and physical pain, sometimes unresolved issues, and traumas. When such painful hidden programs within the physical body are energetically located, it is possible to release them and transform them into “wisdom” by the Healing Light—liberating the freedom of your spirit, your ability to expand your gifts in love and harmony from the core center of your Being—this process heals and balances the ego.

6• How to clear places and spaces—workplaces and play-spaces, homes, and lands. Infuse your living spaces with blissful peace and harmony.

7• Activate your One Sacred Heart to love “your Self” and all Beings, and all of Life unconditionally: Healing and unification of all your hearts to awaken and bring into oneness your One Sacred Heart and Divine Mind is leading to an ascension and communion of Love with all of Life.

8• Heal and let go of past lives issues and traumas: A safe journey, a guided meditation, leading you to Past Life Exploration, Regression Therapy, and Energetic Release. When the pain is gone and replaced with the infinite Love Light Blessings of the Divine and the presence of your Angelic Guides, you are completely free.

9• Channeled Shamanic Journeys to embody your Higher Light, your God Self, your Angelic Self into the Sacred Garden, and into the Upper World: You are raising your frequencies to be of service from the highest place of Love and Honoring. You are empowering your Light from the core of your Being.

Sibli teaches and channels diverse Powerful Healing Journeys into the Earth, within her Sacred Garden to reconnect on deeper levels with Mother Earth and all her sacred beings, raising our frequencies, clearing our field, embodying our Luminous Self. Our deep communion with Mother Earth allows us to heal, to embody our higher Light, and co-create with Source, with God. Sibli teaches also a Journey to the Upper World to meet and embody your Infinite Self for Healing, to empower your path of Light and your highest destiny.

10• How to be of service as a Lightworker in Integrity and Honoring. Important guidelines and teachings to become a channel-healer, working in integrity, inviting, and allowing the Pure Love of Father Mother God, Pure consciousness, and your Divine Guidance team to be in charge. Learn to be a clear channel-healer in honoring, compassion, gratitude, and unconditional love. Learn to let go and let God. Learn to commune with the Masters of Light, Stars Beings from the Highest Dimensions of Light, Archangels, and Angels of the Light, all your Divine Guides, and Nature’s Intelligence, the Sacred Spirits in Nature.

Learn to raise your energetic frequency—activate and expand the “light life force” from a deeper level of your being and hearts with breath work, clearing layers of your multidimensional being. Become aware of your energetic frequency to live in a more conscious way of your mission and purpose—awakening to joy and well-being into your life. Reconnect deeply with Mother Earth-the animal kingdom, the sacred garden, all sacred relations to be fully supported by the Mother loving embrace.

Sibli teaches how to safely activate your pineal gland, your third eye, to be a clear channel. This consists of healing and balancing the ego at the core and center of your Being—for your Solar Plexus to shine like a bright sun, so that your Heart unfurls Loving kindness expressing your God’s Given Gifts into the world.

11• Learn to work with St. Germain, the Angels of the Violet Flame, and the Violet Flame, the sacred flame of transmutation and purification. Receive the gift of its Divine Essence and infinite pure Light Love consciousness. Discover the metaphysics of this Sacred Flame—Harmonize your life, heal your relationships and bodies, raise your frequencies also encompassing all aspects of your life. As you work with this sacred flame, you also contribute to global Peace and Harmony.

12• Learn to read energetic frequencies (Unity Bovis): Discover the level of life-force in your whole being, as well as any object, water, food, and place. Learn to raise your energetic frequency—activate and expand the “light life force” from a deeper level of your being and hearts with breath work and clearings. Become aware of your energetic frequency to live in a more conscious way of your mission and purpose—to bring forth further joy and well-being into your life. Learn to reconnect with the core center of your Beingness.

13• Tree of Life and Tree of Wisdom-Knowledge Activation and Integration within the Garden of Eden – A journey within the Sacred Garden that is a complete Reconciliation with Life and your Self. Healing journey with the Earth. You will finally feel safe on Earth.

Within a Sacred space raise your frequencies, activate all Divine qualities of God/all Aspects of the Tree of Life and Wisdom within your beingness to experience your pure essence, your God-Self. Invite a flow of Love, Peace, Divine Life Force and Light to awaken and support your ascension. Anchor all Divine qualities of God and corresponding Light Rays within specific energetic centers, within the Sacred Heart, and within your whole Beingness. This process increases your capacity to Love from the One Sacred Heart, allowing your creative abilities and potentialities to expand, to be of service in furtherance of Global Peace and Harmony.

14• Rejuvenate and Heal with the Earth, and in the Heart Center of Mother Earth, in communion with the Core Crystal of Mother Earth. Travel into the Heart of Mother Earth, her Garden of Eden, high dimensions of Light, supported and guided by the Luminous Angelic Beings within a Chamber of Light. Create your personal Sanctuary of Peace within the Heart of the Sacred Garden, among Nature’s Spirits, the Sacredness of the Unicorns, and Angelic Luminous Beings. Empower your Heart’s desires and dreams within these high dimensions of Light in the Heart of the Divine Mother, in the Garden of Eden. Heal within the Heart of Mother Earth in her Garden of Eden. Experience your Oneness with all Creation and your infinite Crystalline Essence within the Garden. This process opens the Heart in nurturing ways, awakens your Higher Light, and expands your consciousness.

15• Clear, balance, and energize your Energetic Centers or Chakras by embracing the Luminous Light of the Sacred Father Sun and the nurturing Love Light of Mother Earth dwelling within her Garden of Eden. Your Chakras are power centers connected with universal energies. The Angelic Luminous Beings activate the flow of Pure Divine Light within your Chakras to make you whole, healthy, energized, and balanced, supporting the embodiment of your God Self, your Angelic Self, to be of service from the highest place of Love and honoring.

16• Anchor all your Senses into your One Sacred Heart, infused by Luminous Light Rays. This process and guided meditation empower your Light and awakening.

17• Hands on Healing – Energetic Healing Surgery, takes place within a Chamber of Healing Light, in the presence of the Luminous Beings, Angels of the Light, the highest Divine Guidance Team of Healers, in the Divine Love, Light, Peace of God—the Holy Healing Hands of the Master Healers of the Light are guiding the healing process for all all bodies.

18• The Healing Power of Animals—Animal communication. Channeled heart to heart healing communion. You are invited to this healing class to better understand all animals, all beings from the animal kingdom, to know how to communicate with them, and to discover the healing power of their divine presences in your lives. They are Angelic Devas in communion with Mother Earth, and we are one with them. The moment we open our Hearts to their Divine Spirit and Love, honoring them and Mother Earth, our lives and health transform. We then naturally move into deeper wisdom and compassion.

Sibli has helped numerous animals heal with their human parents. Her practice is Love energetic communion, from the One Sacred Heart in the Oneness of Creation.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Mahatma Gandhi.

19- Teachings and classes based on Sibli’s 3 books – “Odyssey with the Angels, A reconciliation with Life”, “Twelve Doorways of Light, A portal to Your God Self” & “Sacredness of Life”: Healing Miracles are possible—our energetic divine design holds the Oneness. How to experience Healing Blessings and Miracles, basking in the Divine Light of God—how to embody our angelic self, our higher Light.

20- Sibli is certified by The Four Winds Society as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine and also as a Munay-Ki Mesa Carrier Practitioner to pass on the Rites of the Munay-Ki, rites of empowerment. In the Quechua language, “Munay” means universal love. “Ki” is from the Japanese word for energy as in life force. Together, these words mean the power of love. As the ten rites of the Munay-Ki germinate, our heart awakens, and we feel empowered to dream an entire new world into being – the world that we yearn for our children’s children to inherit. The rites of the Munay-Ki are: The Healer’s Rite, The Bands of Power, The Harmony Rite, The Seer’s Rite, The Day Keeper’s Rite, The Wisdom Keeper’s Rite, The Earth Keeper’s Rite, The Star Keeper’s Rite, The Creator’s Rite and the Rite of the Womb.