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Healing Sessions



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Description of my services 

Angelic Channel • Multidimensional Healing • Spiritual Counselor •

 Past Life Healing • Spiritual Teacher • Inspirational Speaker • Author • Artist

I am a Channel through which the Angels of Light and Masters of Light communicate and I Am of Service to You! Within a nurturing sacred space I offer healing sessions in person or over the phone or via Skype. I teach various spiritual healing classes and workshops to raise your frequencies and to embody your Higher Self or Angelic Self.

How do I proceed within a Healing Session? I create a sacred space by inviting the Love and Light of God, a boundless sacred flow emanating from all Life. We open our hearts to experience the Divine Love of God, the Love of the Divine Guides and Angels. The session takes place in communion with Mother Earth and Father Sun in honoring, gratitude, and infinite Love of the Heart. 

I proceed with a prayer to activate a vortex of Love consciousness by calling in Divine Guidance, inviting in, God’s Love and Light with the Archangels, Angels of Light and Ascendant Masters and Luminous Star Beings from the Highest Dimensions. The Divine guidance which is available for the session manifests naturally. We bathe in Divine Light, so that at any time, any energy that is not matching that pure Love vibration is naturally released and transmuted into Love by the Light. You are lovingly guided to heal and to experience your God Self.

“Angelic Channel and Healer”:

I am a “Soul Memory Discovery” Practitioner and Teacher.

“Theta Healing” Practitioner and Teacher. 

I channel, practice, and teach a Healing Modality named by the Angels “Synergism into Love, Angelic Light Codes. It is multidimensional healing guiding you to heal traumas and pain by releasing painful emotions within the physical body, transforming pain into beneficial energies. 

In the healing sessions, and “only when divinely guided”, we explore past lives for healing and reprograming to release traumas and painful issues. 

-Hands on healing: Working with the highest divine guidance team in the Love and Light of Source/God, inviting the highest holy healing Light, healing all bodies. Hands on healing and energetic healing surgery.

“As an Angelic Channel I gently guide people to embody their Higher Self which is their Angelic Self or God Self to find happiness and purpose.” 

Workshops, Classes and Healing Sessions 

1– Clear your Energetic field, sustain the energetic field clear and find out why it is important to do so. Learn to ground yourself into the heart of Mother Earth. You will learn how to recognize and release intrusive energies and entities, earthbound spirits that are blocking light within your auric field. You will feel lighter, more peaceful, and more connected. You will move deeper within the heart. You will learn to release energies, which do not serve you and do not belong to you. You will learn to connect furthermore with your God-Self and experience harmony.

2- When we clear the energetic field, we release earthbound spirits into the Light and often some of them are friends or family members. People wish to heal painful unresolved issues with their loved ones who have passed on. This is the moment to heal these relationships from the heart space, for everyone to find peace so that harmony and love prevail—so that the ones who have passed on, may move into the Light with ease and grace and in peace. These are profound and touching moments and also joyous moments, when all spaces are infused with the love, peace, and Light of God.

3 – Release and heal traumas, painful issues, and karmic issues. DNA-RNA, cellular reprogramming (supports healing with your family and within the collective consciousness)

4  – Clear your living places and create a sacred space (work-places and play-spaces, homes, and lands).

5 – Activate your Sacred Heart to love all beings unconditionally and commune with the Sacredness of Life. Expand your Sacred Heart feeling safe, create Miracles in your life and all around the World to be of service as a Light Worker. Understand the metaphysics of the One Sacred Heart and anchor all your senses in the Sacred Heart in holly ways. Embody your Crystalline Angelic Self.

6 – Heal present and past lives issues and traumas through “Past Life Exploration”, Spiritual Light Codes with the Angels, and Energetic Release.

7 – I offer hands on healing and energetic healing surgery to my clients when I am guided to do so. 

I also teach this advanced Workshop for “Healers” who would like to expand and increase their capacities to be pure instruments and channels of the highest Healing Frequencies of Light and Love. I channel the whole workshop as my divine guides have shown me how to experience and pass on these highest holy frequencies for healing to be of service from a place of love and honoring. You will raise your frequencies and experience your true essence in the process! (There are guidelines to prepare for this Workshop)

8 –  Important guidelines to be a spiritual practitioner healer. Learn to be a clear channel (integrity, honoring, and love). Learn to let go and let God. Learn to commune with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Angels, and the Star Beings from the Highest Dimensions of Light, and your Divine Guides, and Nature’s Intelligence.

9 –  Learn to work with St. Germain, the Angels of the Violet flame and the Violet Flame, the sacred flame of transmutation and purification.

Discover the metaphysics of this Sacred Flame: Harmonize your life, heal your relationships and bodies, raise your frequencies in all aspects of your life and contribute globally to the expansion of Light and Love.

10 – Learn to read energetic frequencies and raise your vibrations—read the life force in your being, as well as any object, water, food, place, and land. By the Grace of the Divine raise your energetic frequency and activate the “light life force” at a deeper level of your being and your hearts. Learn to be aware of your energetic frequency to live in a more conscious way of your mission and purpose—to bring forth further joy and well-being into your life. (This reading technique of energies was revealed within the Great Pyramid of Giza, Keops, to a French radiesthesist, Mr. Bovis—Most radiesthesists are using this process.)

11 – “Discover the Tree of Life within you, your Divine design and Divine aspects in you and all that is,  ” inspired from my 2 books (https://artfromthelight.com/order-my-books/): Within a Sacred space, we activate all Divine qualities of God/all Aspects of the Tree of Life within our beingness to experience our true spiritual essence, our Angelic Self and invite a flow of Love-Peace-Divine Life Force. We anchor the highest Light of these Divine qualities and corresponding Light Rays within specific energetic centers, and within the Sacred Heart, and within our whole energy field. This process increases our capacity to Love from the Sacred Heart, allowing our creative abilities and potentialities to expand—in furtherance of Global Peace and Harmony.

12 – Rejuvenate and heal in the Heart of Mother Earth, the core crystal of Mother Earth. Travel into the Heart of Mother Earth lovingly supported and guided by the Luminous Angelic Beings. Create your personal Sanctuary of Peace within the Heart of Mother Earth. Heal within the Heart of Mother Earth in her Garden of Eden. Experience your Oneness with all Creation and your infinite Crystalline Essence within the Garden of Eden. This process opens the Heart in nurturing loving ways. 

13 – Clear your 12 Energetic Centers/Chakras embracing the Light of the Sacred Father Sun and the nurturing love of Mother Earth. Activate your Prana-Tube to embody fully your God Self, your Angelic Self, to be of service from the highest place of Love and honoring.