Crystal Chamber of Light©

Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Healing Crystal Chamber of Light. Angelic Masters of Light are holding Time and Space Travel, a journey within high Dimensions of Light for healing missions and Light activation purposes.


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

As I delve within the ream of that Sacred Communion of Love encompassing all Creation, I experience Heaven on Earth.



Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

St. Germain with the Angels of the Violet Flame and the sacred gifts of the Violet Flame transmute energic patterns into Holy Love frequencies to bring forth Heaven on Earth.


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Master Jesus embodies all Dimensions of Light, Sempiternal and Omnipresent.


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Roszia is the Garden of Eden, the fifth dimensional expression of Earth. Heaven on Earth is manifested in the Oneness of Creation. The Sacred Heart is free to express unconditional love.


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Light, the Source of all Life.

I am a Ray of Light in the Radiance of God!


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Prayer inviting the Angels of the Violet Flame to encompass all Light Rays to seal Mother Earth with the Golden Platinum Light of the Christ Consciousness to bring forth Bliss, Peace, Harmony, and unconditional Love.


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Calling upon the Blessings of the Christ Consciousness manifesting Miracle-Blessings in our Lives. I Am Christ Consciousness!


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Are you awakening? Do you realize how much more Love and compassion you feel in your Heart and allow in your Life? Are you in love with Mother Earth and its beauty? Do you wish for Peace and Harmony for all Beings? Are you experiencing states of exhilaration?
“All Dimensions of Light Live within Me!”


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Light is the Essence of Life. Light is Love and Love is Light.

I Am Everlasting Light!


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Light encompasses All That Is in Creation. It is a Holy energy, frequency, and design through which all life exists.

I Am the Light of the World!


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

I am Light Energy. My reality is fluid—it is of Love and it is of infinite possibilities and potentialities because it is of God! I embrace the New Earth in me! I Am the New Earth. I am honoring Roszia.


Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

The Divine Masculine and Divine feminine expressed in the Oneness consciousness of the Enlightened Heart. All sense of separation has dissolved. There is ONE Love!

Heaven on Earth Activation©

Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in their Light and wholeness are uniting in the Infinite Oneness of the Heart.

Infinite Divine Oneness©

Multimedia Art by Sarah Jeane Sibli

Embodiment of Sempiternal Light and Truth expressed in all dimensions of Light and Life.

I am Infinity!


ART FROM THE LIGHT • Oneness Light Art 

Visionary Artist • Graphic Artist • Illustrator • Art Director • Art Consultant Home & Business • Decorative Art

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Angelic Channel • Practitioner Healer • Inspirational Speaker • Spiritual Teacher • Author

From 1975 to 1997, in Europe and the U.S., Sibli has been working in the movie industry and various companies as an art director, background artist, illustrator and graphic artist. Since 1997 she dedicates all her creative gifts to serve a higher spiritual purpose, to bring forth the light and beauty of our world.

In prayer and meditation, she has been embraced by the Light and guided by Luminous Angelic Beings into higher dimensional realms of consciousness to receive instant healing and to share messages of Peace. Sibli works as a channel and healer with Angelic Beings, Great Masters of Light, and Nature’s Intelligence to assist people in their healing and their path of service. She assists animals on all levels, to experience harmony and well-being. She also expresses these Divine Healing Energies in her artistic creation.

Since her early twenties, she has been studying and practicing healing modalities, yoga, and meditation. This journey led to her true purpose, to serve all beings in consciousness of the Light and the Sacred, assisting people to awaken to their True Divine Self—inviting Source, Divine Love Consciousness to lead the way.

Her books are Doorways of Light: “Twelve Doorways of Light: A Portal to Your God-Self” & “Sacredness of Life”.

You may read about Sibli’s healing modalities, workshops, and artistic creation on her two websites:

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The moments I have had the privilege to be in the presence of Sarah Jeane are some of the best of my life. She is able to connect with Spiritual energies that have brought tremendous peace, clarity, and insight. She gave insight into my son’s life purpose, helped assist in my Akashic memories, connected with my sister who has crossed over, and guided me in prayer where even my physical body felt better. I have worked with many spiritual people, and Sarah Jeane is truly unique and giving of her gifts to connect with angels. I recommend her to my family and friends because there is no way you leave her without being overflowing with Love and Peace.

Michelle Atencio

I would like to share how valuable Sarah Jeane‘s books and insights have been to my spiritual evolution. I often turn to her book ‘Twelve Doorways of Light’ to gain inspiration and immediate connection to my higher consciousness. The messages through her art and word have become part of the spiritual fabric that I depend upon and I recommend her products to anyone wishing to remain in a higher state of awareness.


I have been blessed to know Sarah Jeane for several years. The times I have contacted her when struggling with painful challenges I felt right away a divine love light and peaceful protection embracing me and supporting me. With so much love and compassion she always guided me back to myself, awakening me to truly “see”—activating healing, harmony, love, and well-being in all aspects of my life. Sarah Jeane has been guiding me to see who I am. I always know when she prays for me “by distance” (I live across the ocean)—I experience the healing, the nurturing love, and protection. She has taught me to believe in miracles and miracles happened. I am so grateful to Sarah Jeane—she has been a true angel in my life guiding me on my spiritual path!

Sylvia S.

I know Sarah Jeane for a very long time, about 25 years. During all these years Sarah Jeane has been watching over me and my family, helping us so many times with different issues, I lost track of counting them. She is a very caring, compassionate, and loving human being—helping me to see things more clearly, understanding the sacredness of life and its oneness, always guiding me back to be in harmonic alignment with my Self—clearing my energy field so many times and clearing past traumas too.
One time, for a couple of days, a lot of things were happening to me—I was hurting my toes, dropping things from my hands, hurting my elbow, I was afraid to drive my car, so I called Sarah Jeane—she cleared my energy field and grounded me into the Earth and all was fine again, I came back into balance. I am so grateful to Sarah Jeane!

C. Laire

All the years I have known Sarah Jeane, she has worked wonders, helping me through the difficult moments and issues—guiding me to face the fears and worries I needed to work on and heal with her loving support, in order to stay on my spiritual path and allow my mission work. You are my angel, Sarah Jeane! I love you!


J’ai travaillé avec Sarah Jeane pour nettoyer mon espace et me libérer des liens inutiles qui étaient encore accrochés à moi. Cela m’a apporté de l’apaisement, de la légèreté. Et cela m’a permis aussi d’apprendre des outils pour travailler, m’harmoniser et me libérer moi-même. C’était une période de prise de conscience, d’éveil.
Je remercie Sarah Jeane pour m’avoir aidé sur mon chemin et m’avoir aidé à trouver de la paix et de la confiance.

Translation from French (above):
I worked with Sarah Jeane to clear my space and be free from energies-attachments, which were not serving me any longer. This brought me calming-soothing reassurance and lightness. This helped me to learn tools to harmonize and balance my whole being. It has been a time of awakening, learning to be more conscious.
I give thanks to Sarah Jeane for giving me all this support on my path and for helping me to find peace and confidence.

Christophe G.